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Hubbard’s Hens

December 2022

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Auto-Sexing Dark Brown Egg Layers

In the urban chicken world, everyone wants pullets. Or, little girl chicks. The poor boys are seen as a nuisance more than a necessity. For this reason, along with the dark brown egg craze, we are adding a breeding group of Penedesencas. It will be sometime next year before chicks are available, but we haveContinue reading “Auto-Sexing Dark Brown Egg Layers”

Hubbard’s Hens Barnevelders

The one breed I picked just for me, just because they are pretty, are the Barnevelders. Barnevelder chickens were first called by name at a 1911 agricultural exposition in their native Netherlands. Over the next dozen years the breed was standardized and officially accepted by the Dutch Poultry Club in 1923. The began making theirContinue reading “Hubbard’s Hens Barnevelders”

3/26 started birds

We are going through some pens today and making selections, and that means we will have birds officially for sale! As always, let us know if you have any questions. This post will be all girls (we are 95% sure on these birds at this age). They are fully off heat. We do recommend addingContinue reading “3/26 started birds”

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