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3/26 started birds

We are going through some pens today and making selections, and that means we will have birds officially for sale! As always, let us know if you have any questions.

This post will be all girls (we are 95% sure on these birds at this age). They are fully off heat.

We do recommend adding new birds to your flock in groups, and after a quarantine period. For that reason we give you a discount if you buy more than one. It’s better for the birds. Subject to change, but as of March 2022 our pullets that are completely off heat will be $25/ea, 2 for $45, or 5 for $100.

A pair of blue or green egg layers

First up we have a pair of December hatched birds I expect to lay blue eggs. The red/yellow banded bird in the foreground is a Legbar/Easter Egger and has both the crest and muffs. Super cute, and should be an above average colored egg layer. She won’t out-lay a leghorn, but she should do well. Slight chance of a light green egg.

In the background I believe is a Legbar. we did have a few chicks that jumped the dividers in the hatcher in this group, so I am not 100% sure on her breed. She will either lay blue or olive. I think blue, but no guarantee. She is banded purple/pink.

Green band

This girl with the green band is a December hatched bird. Also from the barrier jumping group, but I believe she will be a blue egg laying Legbar. Slight greenish cast to her legs makes me only 60% sure.

Olive Egger – blue band

Blue banded Olive Egger is an F1 cross. Barnevelder mother and Legbar father. I am hoping for some speckled greens eggs from this cross. December hatched.

3 January Olive Eggers

This is a nice group of 3 of the same cross as the blue band above. Just a couple weeks younger. I did move them back into the barn for the blizzard earlier this week, but they would be fine in a draft free coop.

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